High Nature Value farmland in Ireland!

Burren LIFE project and Burren Farming for Conservation Project


The Burren LIFE project (2005-2010) is the first major farming for conservation project in Ireland. After this successful first phase, the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food together with the National Parks and Wildlife Service have launched a second phase named the Burren Farming for Conservation Project. 


It is noteworthy the holistic approach of the project which, being the target the protection and conservation of the habitats, takes into account many other aspects: landscape, ecology, geology, biodiversity, culture, history and society.   


The aim of the project is to find solutions to the current situation of the region, where the abandonment of the land and the impossibility of keeping the traditional farming practices, are leading to the degradation of the habitats. The project consists of research studies, concrete actions to foster good farming practices, awareness raising and promotion of the land; all with the active participation of the implicated land stakeholders.  


Although the core of the project is the conservation of nature, its impact on the protection of the uniqueness of the Burren rural landscapes is very significant, as it focuses its activities in the farming practices (restoration of stone walls, scrub control, etc.) 



More information about the Burren experience can be found

in the Website of the project: www.burrenlife.com




Also interesting is the Burrenbeo trust!


Burrenbeo is Ireland’s very first landscape charity, whose function is to promote and support the sustainable management and use of the unique landscape and heritage of the Burren in an accessible, inclusive and effective manner.


To achieve this Burrenbeo trust promotes global education and awareness,engages the young through experiential learning and outdoor activities, and support Ireland's fastest growing conservation volunteer group:  Burren Conservation Volunteers.


Find out more about Burrenbeo in www.burrenbeo.com