The Glossary

The glossary encompasses definition of common terminology for researchers and institutional users; key terms, at world and regional levels. A draft data-base at world level has been implemented in 2016 on the basis of international documents and existing glossaries.


We are looking for your help to collect definitions and references.


List of terms:

Actions – Actions

Actors/Stakeholders - Acteurs

Aesthetic quality – Qualité esthétique

Authenticity/Progressive authenticity – Authenticité/ Authenticité progressive

Bio-cultural diversity – Diversité bio-culturelle

Coherence/Co-variation/ Continuity – Cohérence/Co-variation/Continuité


Conservation/Adaptive Conservation/Preservation/Protection

Conventional Vs Traditional – Conventionnel Vs. Traditionnel

Cultural heritage – Patrimoine culturel

Dynamism and conservation (+ evolving landscapes and continuing landscapes) – Dynamisme et conservation (+ paysages en évolution et paysages en continuité)

Ecologically sustainable development – Developpment ecologiquement durable


Integrity – Integrité

Knowledge – Connaissance

Landscape – Paysage

Management – Gestion

Planning – Aménagement

Resource – Resource

Rural landscape – Paysage rural

Rural Landscape Structure/Characteristics and Descriptors – Structure du paysage rural/ Characters et descripteurs

Rural Landscape Scope – Champ d’application sur le paysage rural

Rural landscape policies –  Politiques du paysage rural

Tangible/Intangible – Tangible/Intangible

Uniqueness – Unicité

Value/Significance – Valeurs

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