Principles' text

Within the context of the Initiative and in furtherance of the development of an international framework reference that will allow a more coherent and collaborative approach to the understanding, management and protection of rural landscapes, the ISCCL has decided to promote the drawing up of a Principles’ textICOMOS-IFLA Principles concerning Rural Landscapes as Heritage”. It encompasses: definitions of rural landscape and its values, action’s principles to ensure understanding, protection, sustainable management and transmission of rural landscapes as heritage.
This document peculiarity stands in its evolving definition. It can be completed with new international guidelines on specific areas or subjects, in order to develop and update existing issues or to add new ones.
A small group worked on the Principles’ Text after the ISCCL 2016 Annual Meeting (Jeju Island, Republic of Korea; November 2016) till the end of August 2016, producing a First Official Text.
It is currently a document adopted by the ISCCL at its 2016 Annual Meeting in Bath (it is not as yet endorsed by International ICOMOS or IFLA) with the following resolution:
Resolution 15. The ISCCL 2016 Annual Meeting,
1. Endorses the final draft of the ICOMOS and IFLA Principles Concerning Rural Landscape Heritage (with future minor word changes); and
2. Supports the progress of the Principles as a doctrinal text at the IFLA World Council (Montreal, Canada; October 2017) and ICOMOS Triennial General Assembly (Delhi, India; November 2017).
(Passed unanimously).
The document is in English and French.
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WG on Principles’ Text:
  • WRLI WG members: Brenda Barrett, Nora Mitchell, Darwina Neal, Jill Cowley, Nancy Pollock-Ellwand (North America), Diane Menzies, Stuart Read, Jane Lennon (Asia Pacific), Pierre Marie Tricot, Willie Cummings, Betina Adams (Europe). Mabel Contin, Diana Henriquez (Latin America and Caribbean), and Raffaella Laviscio (Politecnico di Milano).
  • Coordinator and scientific responsibility: Lionella Scazzosi
  • General support: Steve Brown
  • French Translation: Pierre Marie Tricot, with the contribution of Stephanie de Courtois