The Atlas

The Atlas gives an overview of the rural landscapes in the world: especially, it gives a methodology for the Inventory, Classification and Description of Rural Landscapes at many geographical and administrative levels (international, national, local); specific studies on topics and/or Regions. It is not the inventory of all rural landscapes of the world but aims to encompass all different types of rural landscapes in the world, by making a selection of the most representative ones of each region. To achieve this goal, more than 40 ISCCL members from all over the world are working on the Atlas, organized by regions. 


This project has been presented and discussed during the ISCCL meeting in Canberra (October 2013) and updated during the Milan meeting (November 2014) and the following ISCCL meeting.


The scientific organization (Raffaella Laviscio and Lionella Scazzosi in Milan, at Politecnico di Milano) has now defined the 3th (draft) Structure of the Atlas and related forms (Classes and Systems for the inventory, classification and description of Landscapes), with the contribution of WG members.


WG on Atlas:

South America and Caribbean WG, coordinated by Mabel Contin; Pierre Marie Tricot; Jane Lennon; Saul Alcantara Onofre; Ana Luengo; Willie Cumming, Stuart Read, Darwina Neil.


Atlas structure


Part I: World level - Approaches

  1. World rural landscape class;
  2. World rural landscape systems.

Part II: Regional level

  1. Asia;
  2. Oceania;
  3. Europe;
  4. North America;
  5. Central and South America;
  6. North Africa;
  7. Central and South Africa;


Each Region will present:

  • brief history of the rural activities of the Region;

  • brief description of the current state of rural activities in the Region;

  • classification of the rural landscape types of the region (specifying world level classification) and of the rural landscape systems;

  • preserving and enhancing rural landscape: issues and suggested solutions;

  • description of the initiatives each region addressing rural landscapes as Cultural Heritage;

  • description of selected rural landscapes.

World Rural Landscapes Atlas: map of the landscape systems

World Rural Landscapes Atlas: list of the landscape systems

Classification Country Designation
- China Rural landscapes in China
- Iran Rural landscapes of Iran


Classification Country Designation
- Australia Australian rural landscapes overview
- Australia Australian rural landscapes
- New Zealand Pastoral farming in New Zealand: an overview


Classification Country Designation
2.2 Irrigated land Italy

Landscape system of the irrigated plain of Southern Milan. The "marcita" irrigated meadow of Tavernasco farm: the irrigation (video) & the "andanatura (video)

6.3 Livestock system / Short transhumance Italy Mondonico landscape system of short transhumance


Classification Country Designation
- USA Working cultural landscapes: US initiatives and strategies for their sustainability


Classification Country Designation
- Mexico/Colombia Three traditional rural landscapes: Agave landscape, Chinampas landscape, Mexico; Coffee landscape in Colombia
- - Landscapes systems in Southern America


Classification Country Designation
... ... ...


Classification Country Designation
- South Africa Rural African cultural landscapes