The Initiative

The aim of World Rural Landscapes is to set the basis for a common discussion on shared principles, cognitive methodologies and ways of managing rural landscapes at various levels (international, national and local).
The objectives of the initiative are: 
  • raise awareness;
  • provide a space for international, public-private and interdisciplinary cooperation;
  • support discussion and synergies at a scientific level and between the scientific sector and private and public stakeholders on operational issues, and promote tangible actions for the good management of rural landscapes, at a political, administrative or participative level.

More about the objectives

The contents of the initiative are embodied in:
  • a General Document that structures the Initiative;
  • a series of Appendices to the General Document;
  • a Web platform for collaboration and dissemination.

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For further information download the introductory document:
World Rural Landscapes Initiative: introduction and organization
International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes ICOMOS/IFLA (ISCCL)
Documento Adobe Acrobat [470.9 KB]

The Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage area, USA (photo: Brenda Barret & Nora Mitchell)