The Initiative is not to be imposed on or compete with other initiatives developed by many regions and localities, but to encourage them to share their knowledge and experience, in order to inspire similar projects in regions where rural landscape has not yet received adequate attention. It aims not to unify, but to strengthen the individual values and characteristics of each place and promote them internationally in order to reinforce its preservation and enhancement. We want to establish collaborative bonds between cultures for the protection of their identity.


The objectives of the Initiative are as follows:

  • Define a concept of rural landscape, valid for all cultures, in order to enable a common dialogue;
  • Establish general principles about knowledge, conservation and management of these landscapes to ensure the safeguarding of its values;
  • Provide a place for international, public-private and interdisciplinary cooperation, through the creation and administration of a website, an online workplace and a collaborative network. This place is meant to encourage collaborative work on a common strategy and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences;
  • Promote the collaboration between associations and local stakeholders all over the world, and enhance the projection of their initiatives and knowledge towards other spheres of land and heritage planning and legislation;
  • Act to prevent the loss of traditional knowledge and local values, and reinforce their importance by recognizing and disseminating them;
  • Promote research on issues related to the conservation and management of rural landscapes and encourage the development of practical actions;
  • Disseminate the Initiative via the Website and collaboration with international institutions;
  • Raise people’s and stakeholders’ awareness of the importance of safeguarding rural landscapes and their values.


The “Vega de Granada” landscape, Spain (photo: Celia Martìnez)